Monday, August 9, 2010

Showcase Your Business with Color Business Cards

A well designed, full color business card is on of the most attention-grabbing, cost effective promotional tools to represent an individual or corporate brand.

Nowadays, business cards are printing in varying card stock weights, shapes, sizes and glosses, showing that they play a significant role in connecting a business person with their clients.

Designing a compelling business card is essential for daily interactions with colleagues and clients in business situations. Full color business cards can help to enhance the professional’s image while boosting a first impression of that company to their prospective clients.

Tips for business card printing:

1. Include all important contact details as well as a logo of a company. A logo is an easy means to portray the brand identity of an organization and helps to create a lasting impression in the mind of a viewer.

2. Add a message or slogan. This catchphrase will deliver a message to the viewer and also help to solidify the brand.

3. Use high quality printing ink and card stock such as glossy paper or a thick paper material. This element also adds to the overall effect and visual appeal of the card.

4. Use simple font types and font sizes in order to make the card easily readable and comprehensible for a viewer.

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